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The Critical Role of MYUNION™ in Supporting Workers Through the Evolution of Union Advocacy

By Brian AJ Newman, LLB, on behalf of MYUNION™


In an era where the nature of work and the dynamics of the workplace are rapidly evolving, the role of unions in protecting workers' rights and interests has never been more critical. The shift from traditional union support structures, like the "service model," to the contemporary "organising model," has transformed how unions engage with their members, especially in matters as sensitive and complex as unfair dismissal. This transformation underscores the need for a nuanced approach to union advocacy—one that MYUNION™, as a professional advocacy firm, is uniquely positioned to provide.


Unfair dismissal represents not just a loss of employment but a profound breach of justice, affecting an individual's financial stability, professional identity, and emotional well-being. Historically, the service model of union support played a pivotal role in guiding workers through the challenges of unfair dismissal, offering direct, personal engagement and a strong sense of solidarity. However, as the focus shifts towards collective action and broader engagement through the organising model, there is a noticeable shift away from the personalised, face-to-face support that was once a hallmark of union advocacy.


MYUNION™ stands at the forefront of addressing this gap, embodying the strengths of both the service and organising models to offer unparalleled support to workers facing unfair dismissal. By prioritising individual needs while harnessing the power of collective action, MYUNION™ ensures that every worker has access to professional advocacy and a robust support system when navigating the complexities of employment and human rights matters.


The Critical Role of MYUNION™ in Supporting Workers Through the Evolution of Union Advocacy
The Critical Role of MYUNION™ in Supporting Workers Through the Evolution of Union Advocacy

The contemporary workplace demands a modern approach to unionism—one that balances the need for collective mobilisation with the critical requirement for individualised support. The challenges posed by unfair dismissal, from navigating the intricacies of employment law to addressing the emotional toll on affected individuals, call for a dedicated, professional approach. MYUNION™ rises to this challenge by offering comprehensive support that covers the full spectrum of employment and human rights issues, ensuring that workers are not only heard but also empowered to stand up for their rights.


Joining MYUNION™ means more than just gaining access to professional advocacy; it signifies becoming part of a movement that values justice, dignity, and equality in the workplace. It is a call to action for workers to unite in solidarity, armed with the knowledge and support necessary to challenge unfair dismissal and other workplace injustices. MYUNION™ is committed to providing a voice to those who may feel voiceless, offering a shield against the uncertainties of the modern employment landscape.


The evolution of union models presents an opportunity for MYUNION™ to redefine what it means to support workers in the 21st century. By integrating the personalised support of the service model with the collective strength of the organising model, MYUNION™ is setting a new standard for union advocacy. This approach not only enhances the capacity to address individual cases of unfair dismissal with the attention and expertise they deserve but also strengthens the collective bargaining power of workers, ensuring that their rights are protected and promoted.


In conclusion, as the workplace continues to change, so too must the strategies employed to protect and support workers. MYUNION™ embodies this evolution, offering a holistic approach to professional advocacy that meets the needs of today's workforce. By joining MYUNION™, workers gain a powerful ally in their corner, equipped to handle all employment and human rights matters with a combination of expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment to justice. Together, we can navigate the challenges of unfair dismissal and build a fairer, more equitable workplace for all.


Yours in solidarity,

Brian AJ Newman, LLB



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